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"You guys have excellent services and we can work together on them. Up till now they seem splendid – more than the expectations. I will be stopping by and want to spend more time so that I can understand you more."

Jonathon Switch

"We have been pleased to work with great team of Applanit. Their responses are fast and they go beyond the limits to give you the best by fulfilling our requirements."

Marissa D'Souza

"Applanit has been one of our core partners. Their expertise in mobile applications development and digital marketing has helped in strengthening our online presence."

Samantha Fernandez

"My custom app is developed by Applanit named “Foot by Foot”. The app uploaded on App Store and received really good ratings and reviews. In fact, more than 2000 downloads have been made in last 7 days."

Eugene Hughes

"My Furniture Store is an online ecommerce site selling affordable furniture. I have consulted Applanit to build my ecommerce site on OpenCart. The site is excellently designed and developed as I can now showcase 3D view of furniture online. The site helped me to increase my sales by 200% along with healthy online traffic. I would like to consult them again!"

Zan Chan

"Applanit has given a unique and fabulous look to our app. It has perfect interface and is user friendly. They have provided me the app within the time and within my limited budget. It is a pleasure working with Applanit team and their commitment to deliver."

Dwayne Mitchel

"We only shared an idea with the expert team of Applanit but they provided us with a great website with an attractive layout. We can easily managed thousands of products on our website through a quality content management system. Throughout the order process, we were kept in loop of everything done on or with our website Thank you!"

Rey Johnson - Cars Junction

"The search for amazing products has finally ended with Flunky Shop. Flunky shop is a perfect platform for compulsive buyers as it has a range of variety products from clothes, bags, clutches, tops, jeans, jewellery, and every item of your need under one roof. Our guidelines were properly adhered by the professionals at Applanit. Thanks a bunch!"

Ralph Hughes - Flunky Shop

"We loved the whole process of getting connected with the experts at Applanit. It was great and our final product is just the way we expected it to be. We love that our website entices our client's to buy our cookies which has increased our sales significantly. We'll surely be doing more projects with you in the future. Thank you!"

Henry McDonald's - Kafeelay

"Meshuga Bicycles was just an idea which was then designed for customers who were interested in vintage bicycles by professionals at Applanit. You can now shop online as we can now update the product pricing with ease. Meshuga Bicycles is a complete online business model. "

Hench David's - Meshuga Bicycles

"Furniture Store is an amazing platform for sellers to sell their designed – affordable furniture online. I have managed to double my sales plus the traffic on my website has increased. We're happy with the results, Applanit provided us with an amazing website design with free merchant integration would love to work with your team again!"

Samara Rodriguez - Furniture Store

"We are most happy about the fact that we have a robust database incorporated into our website. Everything is well integrated that has made our management easy. Our robust database could not only assimilate the amount of information we had but help us streamline our processes, not only this - overall look of the website is clean & professional. You guys did a wonderful job!"

Taylor Jacobs - Sheep Attire

"We wanted an elegant and different Android App so that we could have an enticing platform where users could create profiles and connect with each other through their music. For that we chose Applanit to create Railing Studios App, Through their well-coordinated process, we got our app developed without any delays and right according to our requirements. !"

Gary Brian - Railing Studios

"Applanit created a unique, stunning and elegant look for us. The design is fantastic! It reflects our "brand identity". Not only did they exceed what was expected of them, they also had our App ready on time and at an extremely fair price. It is a pleasure working with the professional experts at Applanit as they take pride in their work!"

Mitchel Headway - Nemah Modeling Agency

"Applanit has provided us a scalable solution through a perfect BlackBerry application named Shack Telly, which aids us in achieving our objectives and helps in delivering high level of service and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. The team at Applanit has demonstrated real ownership and commitment when it comes to delivery of quality work. A very big thank you from Shack Telly!"

Samantha Montgomery - Shack Telly

"Applanit helped us keep up and also stay connected when the world was moving at a very fast pace. STBN Sports is a unique app for all sports lovers. Through this app, we've cleverly reached millions of sports enthusiasts and made them our customers. Applanit certainly are professionals in custom web development. Thank you!"

Mathew Joseph - STBN Sports

"We were recommended by one of our business partners to take professional services of Applanit. Response was quick and the process was well-coordinated. We were provided with detailed app model in the initial phase so we exactly knew what was being done with our app."

Rickey White - Errorless Business

"Grayscale Forge has made a name in the market today because it has facilitated users worldwide In tracking their internet usage. I thank Applanit for their prompt response & efficient technical abilities for designing this customized App. We have got the maximum downloads and are pretty much satisfied with the return."

Cameroon White - Grayscale Forge

"Out of all the competitor companies, I got my app “Footy by Foot” by Applanit. Recently, I uploaded this app on Apps Store and there are a lot of ratings and reviews on this app. In fact, more than 1000s of downloads have been made in the last 2 days."

Joshua Hughes - Footy by Foot

"Thank you Applanit for developing this amazing game for me. Initially I was worried to do business with other companies but the quality I got was simply astounding. In the last couple of days, overall customer ratings have increased as well as the number of downloads."

Randy Blythe - Zumia Solitaire

"Applanit is the best company for games development. I never thought I would be able to increase my ROI to 82% in just a span of one week. I have had 1000s of downloads on this game which has resulted it in maximum reviews. Thank you!"

Arnold Weckle - Panteria Grand Prix

"Impressive Ipad Game. I would add that when a developer understands how what they do makes a difference, the feedback is like rocket fuel. Applanit implemented all my feedback which helped me track the impact it had on the bottom line. Thank you so much for this amazing app!"

Quinte De Kock - Hack Attack Golf

"New and improved touch controls were built for IPhone Game lovers in Hetfield NFL. This game is most liked by customers all around the world with three figure downloads in just a few hours. I am very much satisfied with the ROI, will definitely come back to you guys in future!"

Stuart Michael - Hetfield NFL

"Death Fight is an amazing IPhone game which is loved by teenagers of age 12-19. The reviews on the apps store have been amazing which none other games get in their first launch. I have made a lot of profit and will definitely come back to you guys with another game soon. Thank you"

Hopkins David - Death Fight

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